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Supporting Birmingham's Autistic Carers

Thanks to funding from Forward Carers, we launched a project designed to meet the unique needs of Autistic people who are also carers living in the Birmingham City Council area. Through this project, we aimed to empower Autistic carers, improve interactions with social services, and create a supportive community within Birmingham.

Project Highlights:

  • Birmingham-Focused Support: We provided webinars, led by professionals and Autistic carers with lived experience. These sessions focused on understanding Birmingham's social service systems, carer rights, and self-advocacy skills.

  • Safe Spaces: Our facilitated reflection spaces offered Autistic carers a secure environment to share their experiences navigating Birmingham's services and develop strategies for positive interactions.

  • Tailored Resource Hub: We developed a self-study online course specifically for Autistic carers, offering in-depth guidance on Birmingham's social services, self-advocacy tools, and resources.

  • Peer Connection: Participants forged meaningful connections through dedicated in-person meetups and one-on-one peer support, building a vital network within Birmingham.

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Become a Part of the Community:

If you are an Autistic carer residing in Birmingham, the Birmingham Carers Hub offers a wide range of support services. Learn more about the benefits of joining and how to register.


Download this step-by-step guide on how to register with Birmingham Carers Hub as part of this project or watch the 4-min video below. 

Visit the Birmingham Carers Hub website here.

Lessons Learned & Future Vision

So far this project has provided valuable insights into the needs of Birmingham's Autistic carers:

  • Trauma-Informed Support: The high demand for reflection spaces highlighted the need for safe spaces to address past challenges navigating Birmingham's systems.

  • Practical Guidance: The popularity of the self-study course idea demonstrated a desire for accessible, Birmingham-specific resources.

  • Community Connection: The demand for the peer support component underscored the importance of fostering connections among Autistic carers within the Birmingham area


Inspired by these insights, we're committed to expanding our support for Birmingham families:

  • Parent Education: We'll offer Solihull Approach parent education courses tailored to Autistic parents.

  • Local Partnerships: We'll collaborate with Birmingham-based organisations to reach more Autistic carers in the area.


Join Our Mission

If you're passionate about supporting Birmingham's Autistic parent carers, please get in touch.

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