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Hayley Morgan is studying a PhD on the Autistic birth experience and asking birthers and partners to share their stories. As an Autistic researcher, Hayley was motivated by her own experiences in order to amplify the voices of the community via research.


If you are Autistic (self-ID included) - a UK parent (or partner) who's given birth in the last 12 yrs?If you're 18+ and have 45-60 mins to add to the understanding of the Autistic birth experience, please contact Hayley, more info here:

Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles are conducting a study exploring the relationships between autistic mothers and their non-autistic daughters during adolescence. Mothers and daughters in the UK are welcome to participate and will each receive an Amazon gift card for about £41 GBP (the equivalent of $50 USD).


Participants will be asked to describe communication patterns as well as strengths and challenges in their mother-daughter relationships. Two community partners, who are both autistic mothers, are co-investigators of this study, which will be done with respect and care for the autistic community.  Image description for the flyer is here.

Sign up here.

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