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Our Projects:
Creating Impact for Autistic Parents

At Autistic Parents UK, we understand the unique strengths and challenges Autistic parents face. Our projects, designed by and for Autistic adults, offer a lifeline of support and understanding. We work alongside other Autistic parents, sharing resources, fostering community, and supporting the development of their strategies to navigate parenthood with greater confidence.


This support amplifies their existing strengths, while also advocating for systemic change that creates a society where Autistic parents are valued partners in their families and communities.

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National Lottery Funded Peer Support

We're proud of the community we built through our peer support project funded by the National Lottery Awards for All.  Read about the impact, the services offered, and how this project continues to inspire our work.

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Supporting Birmingham's Autistic Parent Carers

Our Forward Carers-funded project offers resources, community, and self-advocacy skills tailored to local needs. Empowering carers to navigate services and build connections.

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Antenatal, Postnatal, and Breastfeeding Education - Dudley

Collaborating with New Baby Network CIC to create Autistic-led parent education courses, resource materials and workshops in the Dudley Area.


Autistic Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond

In partnership with leading Autistic advocates, we created over 100 videos offering vital information and insights on the Autistic perinatal journey.


NHS Training for
Maternity Services

We delivered bespoke training to NHS staff, ensuring better, more compassionate care for Autistic parents during the perinatal period.


Autistic-Led Counselling

We provided fully-funded, tailored counselling sessions to Autistic parents, led by an Autistic, BACP-accredited counsellor.

Support Our Work
Our projects make a difference, and your support amplifies our reach. Learn more about how you can become an ambassador, organisational partner, funder, or volunteer here.

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