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Autistic Parents UK is committed to supporting Autistic parents in a number of ways:


  • online peer support groups (larger and smaller groups)

  • monthly webinars and live Q&A sessions

  • monthly book giveaways

  • local peer support groups (starting soon)

  • volunteer-led one to one peer support sessions


We are in the process of becoming a charity (CIO). We are committed to working reflectively and flexibly to improve our support offering and have many plans for future development.


Our Vision

A world where Autistic parents are understood and respected. Where Autistic Parents receive the support they need without judgement or discrimination.

Our Aims

To build on our current peer support offering and expand our services to include a support line with multiple communication methods, including instant and a-synchronous messaging. To develop our own advocacy services and partnering with, or funding, existing organisations and individuals that work toward the benefit of Autistic Parents.


We are dedicated to educating and supporting the wider public in order to positively impact the lives of Autistic Parents in the UK.

Our Values

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We are a user-led group and we are committed to working collaboratively with our beneficiaries to make sure Autistic Parents UK truly supports the needs of Autistic Parents.



We are dedicated to be both inclusive of all Autistic parents and of the needs of our volunteers and beneficiaries. We want to proactively address all factors that cause barriers to entry for those involved in the running of APUK and those who access support.



We are dedicated to being open and honest about our plans, processes and expenses. We will only fundraise when we have a clear goal and rationale to support it. We will always welcome feedback from our beneficiaries.



We support people at all stages with understanding, respect, compassion and unconditional positive regard.

Constitution Nov 2020 



The group’s name is Autistic Parents UK




Our vision is to be able to build a collaborative community offering multiple and varied mutual peer support opportunities to Autistic parents in the UK. 


We aim to reduce barriers to accessibility of support, flexibly working towards being inclusive of the needs of all Autistic parents. 


We will collaboratively build information and advocacy resources to support Autistic parents. We will also offer information to health care professionals and others, to improve the experiences of Autistic parents.




The group shall be managed by a group of leaders who will be appointed at the group’s annual members' meeting.



In order to carry out the purposes, the leaders/committee can:


  1. raise funds, receive grants and donations

  2. spend funds on carrying out the group’s work and activities

  3. cooperate with and support other charities with similar purposes

  4. do anything which is lawful and necessary to achieve the purposes




The group has members. People who support the group’s work and are aged 18 or over, can apply to the leaders to become a member. The leaders/committee will keep an up to date membership list. The leaders may remove a person’s membership if they believe it is in the best interests of the group. The member has the right to be heard by the leaders/committee before the decision is made and can be accompanied by a friend.



  1. The annual members' meeting must be held every year, with 14 days notice given to all members telling them what is on the agenda. Minutes must be kept of the annual members' meeting.

  2. There must be at least 4 members present at the annual members meeting.

  3. Every member has one vote.

  4. The leaders/committee will share the group’s progress of the year and the income and expenditure at the annual members' meeting.

  5. Any member can put themselves forward to become a leader/committee member.

  6. Members will elect between 3 and 8 leaders/committee members to manage the group for the next year. Leaders/committee members will retire at the next annual members meeting but they can put themselves forward for re-election.




  1. The leaders/committee must hold at least 3 meetings each year. At their first meeting after the annual members' meetings, the leaders will share roles as they see fit. 

  2. The leaders/committee will act by majority decision.

  3. At least 3 leaders/committee members must be present at the meeting to be able to take decisions.

  4. Leaders/committee members will keep notes of their meetings.

  5. Leaders/committee members are volunteers and cannot make any money from the group. If a leader/committee member has a conflict of interest, that leader/committee member must say so and leave the meeting while that matter is being discussed and decided.

  6. During the year, the leaders/committee may appoint up to 2 additional leaders/committee members. They will stand down at the next annual members' meeting.

  7. The leaders/committee members can make reasonable additional rules to help run the group. These rules must not conflict with this constitution or the law.




  1. Money and property must only be used for the group’s purposes.

  2. The leaders/committee must keep accounts. The most recent annual accounts can be seen by anybody on request.

  3. Leaders/committee members cannot receive any money or property from the group, except to refund reasonable out of pocket expenses.

  4. Money must be held in the group’s bank account. All cheques must be signed by 2 leaders/committee members who shall not be related or live at the same address.




If the leaders/committee think it is necessary to change the constitution or wind up the group, they must call a members' meeting so that the members can decide. Leaders/committee members must also call a members' meeting if a majority of the members request one. All members must be given 14 days notice and told the reason for the meeting. All decisions require a two-thirds majority. Notes must be kept.


  1. Winding up - any money or property remaining after payment of debts must be given to a charity or voluntary group with similar purposes to this one.

  2. Changes to the constitution - can be made at members' meetings. No change can be made that would make the group no longer a voluntary, not-for-profit group.

  3. Members meeting - called on written request from a majority of members.

  4. The committee can also call a members' meeting to consult the members.




This constitution was adopted on 1st November 2020 by the people whose signatures appear below. They are the first members of the group and will be the leaders/committee until the annual members meeting, which must be held within one year of this date.

Download a signed version of our constitution here.