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Autistic Parents UK is an Autistic-led Charity (CIO) committed to supporting Autistic parents in a number of ways:


  • online peer support groups (larger and smaller groups)

  • monthly webinars and live Q&A sessions

  • monthly book giveaways

  • local peer support groups

  • volunteer-led one to one peer support sessions

  • training and professional supervision


We are committed to working reflectively and flexibly to improve our support offering and have many plans for future development.


Our Vision

A world where Autistic parents have a voice, where their experiences & knowledge are respected, understood and valued. Where Autistic parents receive the support they need for themselves and their families without judgement and discrimination.

Our Aims

To build on our current peer support offering and expand our services to include a support line with multiple communication methods, including instant and a-synchronous messaging. To develop our own advocacy services and partnering with, or funding, existing organisations and individuals that work toward the benefit of Autistic Parents.


We are dedicated to educating and supporting the wider public in order to positively impact the lives of Autistic Parents in the UK. We currently provide regular professional training to a number of charities and organisations including the NHS.

Our Values

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We are a user-led group and we are committed to working collaboratively with our beneficiaries to make sure Autistic Parents UK truly supports the needs of Autistic Parents.

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We are dedicated to be both inclusive of ALL Autistic parents and of the needs of our volunteers and beneficiaries. We want to proactively address all factors that cause barriers to entry for those involved in the running of APUK and those who access support.

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We are dedicated to being open and honest about our plans, processes and expenses. We will only fundraise when we have a clear goal and rationale to support it. We will always welcome feedback from our beneficiaries.

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We support people at what ever stage they are at with their understanding of Autism and being Autistic. We treat all people with understanding, respect, compassion and unconditional positive regard.

Our Trustees


Jenni Guthrie


Jenni McCabe is Autistic, and a self-identifying ADHDer, she has 3 Autistic children. She is a writer, speaker and social worker with over 15 years of experience in social work practice both in Scotland and England and nearly 25 years working with children and families. She is currently teaching social work students on a master's programme.
Jenni became involved with APUK as she feels passionate about peer community and Autistic-led support, as not only is Autism and other neurodivergence widely misunderstood generally, but especially in relation to parenthood. 

Jules Sharples

Jules Sharples


An Autistic/Attention Divergent working Mam of one from the North East, Jules has a professional background in change management, process improvement and service excellence. Her focused interests are mostly creative, writing and illustrating children's literature and poetry. 

Jules' role as Volunteer Secretary involves administration and compliance, and governance of meetings. Jules became involved in APUK after realising the dominant narrative of Autism is littered with misinformation and discovering there was limited support available for late recognised adults and parents.

Shona Murphy

Shona Murphy


Shona Murphy is a postgraduate Autism researcher at Edge Hill university researching parent perspectives of fabricated and induced illness in Autistic children in response to the worrying amount of false accusations. She also trains organisations on Autism and has a MA in Autism. Shona is an Autistic parent to two Autistic children.



Having experienced the stigma and social injustice that comes with being an Autistic parent Shona is motivated to support Autistic parents both through research and practically by supporting APUK.

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Beth Eden


Beth Identified as Autistic in Summer 2020 after a series of events pointed to this as an answer to her questions. She has one child born in 2018.

When looking for support for herself as a newly diagnosed Autistic parent, she realised there wasn’t much available. She wants to be involved in APUK to use her skills to support other Autistic parents.


Beth has ADHD and is involved in many concurrent projects, which can be a challenge, but this has led to knowledge and experience in many different areas.

Beth loves to learn and study. She is particularly interested in neuroscience with a focus on the interactions and connections between the brain, mind and body.

Ayesha Pusey_edited.jpg

Ayesha Pusey


Ayesha is an Autistic parent to 3 Autistic daughters. She also has hEDS, PoTS and MCAS. Ayesha has a background in Health Psychology, bereavement counselling and perinatal education and support. She has recently finished a PgCert Autism at Sheffield Hallam and is working as a University Specialist Mentor for  Mental Health, Autism and ADHD.

Ayesha is passionate about education, peer support and user-led services and hopes to support Autistic Parents UK in making a positive difference to the lives of Autistic parents across the UK.

Kieran Rose

Kieran Rose


Kieran Rose is an Autistic writer, consultant, academic researcher and trainer, with a background in education and service delivery for Autistic people; he is dedicated to creating positive change for Autistic and Neurodivergent people.


He is a parent to three children, two of whom have a diagnosis of Autism; because of this, Kieran has a passion for supporting other Autistic parents whose voices and needs often go unheard, which is why he considers the work of Autistic Parents UK to be vital.


Simone Smit


Simone is an Autistic ADHDer mum of 3 amazing children, 2 of whom are also autistic ADHDers. Originally Mechanical Engineer by profession, discovering the neurodivergent identities of her family was a catalyst for a career change. She is now an MSc (Psychology) graduate and a published autism researcher.


Simone is currently working as a mentor/coach for autistic adults, as well as working as a peer support facilitator and support worker at Mind.  Simone is passionate and dedicated to improving acceptance, understanding, and practical support for autistic people – especially autistic parents and multi-generational autistic families.

CIO Constitution 2022 

A downloadable PDF version of our latest CIO Constitution is available here.

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