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APUK Peer Support

After long months of planning, we officially started Autistic Parents UK in November 2020 and became a charity (CIO) in May 2022. We are steadily building in order to provide many inclusive support opportunities for Autistic parents. 

line drawing of a laptop with a speech bubble, to represent online peer support

We have a Facebook page and a linked group - Autistic Parents UK - Peer Support Group (Autistic parent only space) and a Discord server with channel based messaging.

Our Facebook group and discord server are the best places to ask broad questions of a larger group of people with similar experiences.

two speech bubbles to represent small group peer support.

We have several small groups who have regular support over zoom, we also have several small chat groups that take place on our discord server. 

We have collected some feedback from our small groups shared below. If you would like to join a small group register your interest here.

line drawing of the eart with a pin to represent local groups

Autistic Parents UK has a number of online and face to face local peer support groups

If you'd like to set up a group in your area or become involved with supporting this project in another way please visit our local groups page for details.

Line drawing of a phone of tablet with a circle that says 1 to 1 support over the top

We offer volunteer-led one to one peer support to any Autistic parents in the UK.

We are currently developing more training for our volunteers to increase our capacity as our waiting list is currently long. you can register your interest here.

APUK Small Peer Group Feedback

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It’s made me feel less alone. Lots of my feelings about my situation have been validated by sharing with the group. This has had a hugely positive effect on my mental wellbeing.

I struggle to engage with large social media groups so often feel quite isolated. It has been great to connect with like-minded people in a smaller group.

Having access to a friendly, like-minded group of parents for informal chat and support has really helped me feel less alone in my experiences and thoughts.

I feel less alone with some of my experiences so far as an autistic mother, and I've recommended the peer support groups to a few friends too.

APUK logo with the text community and acceptance

Community Guidelines

We know that rules are not always well received but in order to keep our members safe we have some basic rules; each has been well thought out and has a valid rationale behind it. We are happy to chat with you about this further if you would like, feel free to drop us a message.

You can view and download our guidelines here.

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