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Research Requests

APUK receives a large number of requests to publicise research to our members. In order to safeguard our members and to ensure that we only publicise research that is in line with our ethos and in the best interest of our community, we ask that you respond to the following questions, and submit your request on by email. Please respond to each question directly and do not instead state: “see consent form” or similar.

We would like to reiterate that Autistic parents are parents who are Autistic themselves with children of any neurotype

1. What is your research about?

2. Who are the research team?

3. Is this study funded? If so, by whom?

4. Why did you choose this topic?

5. What methodology are you using to collect and analyse data?

6. What time commitment is required from participants?

7. How have you ensured this is inclusive and accessible?

8. How have you involved autistic people in your research design?

9. Are you committed to using identity-first language and neurodiverse affirmative language throughout?

10. What will happen with the results of this study? How will it impact the lives of autistic people?

11. Are you including self-diagnosed autistic people in your study? If no, why not?

12. How are you addressing safeguarding concerns such as possible emotional distress and trauma resulting from taking part?

13. What is your policy in terms of data protection?

14. How are you ensuring properly informed consent?

15. Is consent explicitly limited to this study, or will data be made available to future studies?

16. Please provide a copy of your consent form and participant information sheet.

We will endeavour to respond to your request within 10 working days.

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