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We are currently creating a number of resources for professionals and supporters of Autistic parents. We hope to be able to offer resources on many different topics and in many different formats. Please contact us if there is anything, in particular, you would find useful. We will send out monthly updates to subscribers and post on our Facebook regularly with updates. 


We are also developing resources for Autistic parents, which are available for you to access and signpost on. All articles are written by Autistic parents, Autistic professionals, and Autistic academics. They give valuable insight and perspective to people of other neurotypes supporting Autistic parents.  

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Blog Articles

We will continually be adding articles on Autistic experience to our article collections.

All of the articles on our website are written by Autistic people, many of whom are parents, educators, professionals, and academics.

Most articles will be available to the public and give an opportunity to improve understanding and empathy for Autistic parents.

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Bespoke Training

Part of Autistic Parents UK's purpose is to improve the lives of Autistic parents through education for professionals and services that Autistic parents access and that aim to support them.


Whether your service is directly designed for Autistic people or if you feel that you may interact with Autistic parents regularly APUK can create a training package to meet your needs, please contact us if you would like to discuss options.


Online Courses & Webinars

We are developing a number of online courses, and hold regular webinars with guest speakers, specifically around Autistic parenthood for professionals and others supporting Autistic Parents. 

Previous speakers have included Shona Murphy, Dr Luke Beardon, Jodie Smitten and Kieran Rose.

If you have anything specific you would like us to cover in our courses or webinars

please contact us.

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We offer consultancy and supervision to professionals working with Autistic parents.

The income from consultancy & supervision will be going into developing more support opportunities for Autistic parents.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.


Literature Reviews

We are currently writing a number of research summaries and book reviews around Autism and Parenthood.

These will be available to access soon, along with regular book giveaways.


We have plans for facilitating a book exchange between members. 


We are happy to do the same for professionals and supporters of Autistic parents.

Autistic Experience of Parenthood

We have a number of video downloadable resources in production as well as resources created and shared by other people and organisations that benefit Autistic Parents in the UK. Please click the link below for further details.

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Autistic Experience of Parenthood

We are writing a steady stream of articles drawing on our lived-experience. We are building up collections of articles relating to different aspects of Autistic parenthood. Please subscribe below for regular updates and feel free to contact us with feedback, suggestions, and if you would like to offer a guest blog if you identify as Autistic (you don't need to be a parent to contribute. 

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