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Video & Downloadable Resources

We are currently creating a number of resources for Autistic parents and those who support them. We will also be using this space to share resources from other people or organisations with their permission.  Please contact us if there is anything, in particular, you would find useful. We will send out regular updates to subscribe to our website and follow our social media pages for regular updates.



Resources to support Autistic people during pregnancy.

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Resources to support Autistic people in planning their birth and supporting them after birth.


Early Parenthood

Resources to support Autistic people during early parenthood.

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General Parenthood

Resources to support Autistic people during all other stages of parenthood.

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Giving birth can be a challenging experience for Autistic parents for a number of reasons. Here we will share resources which aim to give Autistic people support and knowledge that will positively impact their experience of birth.

Alexis Quinn is an Autistic parent who experienced a mental health crisis due to a lack of support during her pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. In her book Autistic and Expecting, Alexis writes about her experience and the experiences of other Autistic parents. The book offers insight and practical support to Autistic parents and those who support them. 

Alexis has kindly allowed us to share the Maternity Passport she created and shares in her book. There are two versions of the passport (one with fewer images) and a downloadable sheet of icons to use within the passport. The downloads are available below.

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Autistic Parents UK have collaborated with Dr. Aimee Grant from Swansea University, Autistic UK, MARG, Autistic Doctors UK and a truly remarkable group of Autistic parents and professionals on the "Autistic Pregnancy Birth and Beyond: Your Questions Answered" project. 

Together, we have produced over 100 insightful videos for Autistic parents and parents-to-be. These videos are available on our
project page and on Dr Aimee Grant's Youtube channel.


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