Support Autistic

Parents UK

We are an Autistic-led association and we would welcome more Autistic Parents to become involved with our committee and day to day management. Autistic Parents Uk is a collaboration and volunteers will also access support. We would like to have a large team so that all roles can be shared and no one has too much to do and feels well supported. 


We would like to keep our costs to a minimum as we don't want to divide our focus with fundraising. We will reconsider this when we have a better idea of what support is needed, accessible and beneficial, also consideration of what the associated costs will be and whether it is in our remit as an organisation.


So far our small team has been able to collaborate skills in order to keep costs low, and costs we have incurred at this early stage have been covered by one of our Committee members (e.g. website).

Our spending will be agreed upon by all members of the committee to ensure there is a clear rationale.

Image by Shane Rounce