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Support Autistic Parents UK

We are an Autistic-led association and we would welcome more Autistic Parents to become involved with our governance and day to day management teams. Autistic Parents UK is a collaboration and volunteers will also access support. We would like to have a large team so that all roles can be shared and no one has too much to do and feels well supported. 

Autistic Parents UK is in the process of reviewing our volunteer onboarding procedure and revising our policies and code of conduct, which we're hoping to have ready for publishing early in the new year. If you are interested in joining our team we can add your name to our list of those interested in volunteering, and contact you when we are ready to recommence onboarding. Many thanks for your patience while we finalise these essential policies and processes, we appreciate your kind support. 


We are now in a position to consider fundraising more seriously as we have a number of running services that we are continually developing and many plans for future growth.

All of our spending is kept to a minimum and what we do spend is agreed upon by all members of the committee to ensure there is a clear rationale and an agreed outcome for evaluation.

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