How do you protect my information?

Autistic Parents UK only collects necessary information to ensure the safety of our groups and to evaluate the peer support offerings in order to develop and make changes. 

All your information is securely stored in online cloud storage that is password protected. 

You can access our policies here for more information.

Autistic Parents UK

Autistic Parents UK supports the Neurodiversity paradigm, and positive Autistic identity. This does not mean that we don't understand the negative experiences that many Autistic people go through  (ourselves included).


We are happy for people at any stage in their learning of Autism to join us and we are happy to share reputable resources to support increased accurate knowledge of Autism. 

At Autistic Parents UK groups we use identity-first language, and we don’t discuss cause or cure.  Autism is referred as such within our groups, to Autistic Parents UK Autism is a neurology (neurotype), not a disorder or condition. Self-identification is valid for our groups.


Read more in our blog post on Neurodiversity here.

Do you offer therapy?

No, we don't. Autistic Parents UK is a mutual peer-support organisation. Everyone involved with Autistic Parents UK is an Autistic parent themselves and there is no hierarchy within our groups. Autistic Parents UK does not facilitate therapy groups, no person involved in the mutual peer support groups we run is doing so as a trained professional.


If you feel like you need professional support we can signpost you and other members may be able to share their experiences around this. Autistic Parents UK does not provide crisis support. If you are in need of crisis support will signpost you to an appropriate support organisation, please call 999 in an emergency.

Group rules and guidelines

We know that rules aren't always well received but in order to keep our group safe for all members we have some basic rules; each has been well thought out and has a valid rationale behind it. We are happy to chat with you about this further if you'd like, feel free to drop us an email.
We aim to keep all of our groups a safe place for all and support the development of trust and enable us to share our thoughts and feelings with each other. Each individual group facilitated by Autistic Parents UK will be invited to add to or challenge any of the rules or guidelines.


You can view the guidelines in full here.