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There is a lack of research evidence when it comes to the needs and experiences of autistic parents. This needs to change, as policy is only made based on peer reviewed empirical evidence. Unfortunately, the autistic community have been burned too many times by unscrupulous, dehumanising, deficit-laden research. Autistic Parents UK agrees that research in this field is important and necessary. But we also have a duty of care to our community and our members to make sure that we only support affirmative, humanising research that will benefit autistic parents.


As the only UK charity that specifically supports autistic parents, we have received many requests from researchers to advertise their studies to our members. We assess these requests thoroughly based on:

  1. Is the study about the experiences of autistic parents?

  2. Does the study align with the values of our organisation and our members?

  3. Is this a study that we feel is safe for our members to take part in?


Below you can find a link to research opportunities for our members to become involved with or to learn more about current research. We also have a page for researchers to submit their requests for approval.

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