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Peer Support Pilot Project

The need is clear: with 192 requests for support without widely advertising this service, Autistic parents across the UK are seeking connection and understanding. Thanks to the National Lottery, we were able to meet some of that need, offering vital peer support despite being a small charity with limited resources.

Here's what we achieved:

  • One-to-One Support: We delivered personalised sessions for 26 individuals.

  • Group Connections: Our facilitated group sessions brought together 54 participants, fostering a sense of belonging.

  • Counselling Services: Over 10 Autistic parents received dedicated counselling support.

  • Online Community: We created a safe space with a closed Facebook group, moderated by our dedicated team of 8 volunteers.

  • Growing Network: Our closed Facebook server now has over 2,000 members, offering a vibrant online community for Autistic parents, we also have a small Discord Server with topic and location-based channels.

  • Supporting Volunteers: We supported 10+ volunteers who delivered essential peer support, with a small number of paid positions for peer supporters further solidifying our commitment to providing this much-needed service.

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What Participants Said:

"Even though we are all so different in the group... it's like we all experience and value the world in a similar way. This group has allowed me to have that connection outside of my family..."

"This is a lifeline, I need to feel like I'm not alone, that I belong in this world, that I can connect and understand people.”

"Essential step in healing and dealing better with new traumas… I've also connected with the group in a way that I can't normally with people."

The overwhelming response highlights the need for continued support. We are committed to expanding our reach and are actively applying for more grant funding to make this happen.

Read Our Full Report:
For more in-depth information and additional testimonials, you can view our full qualitative feedback report here.

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