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Autistic Parents UK is in the process of setting up local peer support groups. We are aiming to add to our national online community by supporting with the facilitation of local and/or online peer support groups for our members.

Support for Local Groups

We are in the early stages of developing this project, if you'd like to set up a group in your area or become involved with supporting this project in another way please read more below and either fill in our interest form or email us to chat through options. 

Start Up Pack


Each local group will receive a start up pack which will include:

  1. ​info on APUK and our policy handbook

  2. responsibilities of starting a group and details of our insurance policy

  3. ideas for local group meets

  4. facilitation skills guide

  5. graphics and templates to create your own flyers and posters in Canva.

Training & CPD

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We will be offering all group facilitators and co-facilitators in-house training on facilitation skills to support group setup and maintenance.

There will be regular continued professional development (CPD) opportunities. We will also be funding spaces on The Inside of Autism course by Kieran Rose The Autistic Advocate.

Mentoring & Supervision


Each local group will have a mentor for regular one to one supervision.

APUK will also facilitate regular online supervision sessions for group facilitators, to share ideas and receive support from their peers.

The APUK team use Slack messaging system which all facilitators will be invited to join.

Resource Library


APUK will be supporting local groups to build a resource library for volunteers and members to access.

This will also include hard copies of Autistic Parents UK resources and access to all of our online resources.


We also hope to facilitate of a book exchange between our local members.

Frequently asked questions

Is there any cost to becoming an APUK Group Facilitator?

There is no monetary cost to becoming an APUK Group Facilitator. We will be providing ongoing support to to ensure the costs to your time and spoons (energy) are not too much for you. We also encourage role sharing to reduce the pressure and commitment of the role.

What are the responsibilities of a Group Facilitator?

Resposibilies as an APUK Group Facilitator could include: 1. planning meet ups 2. deciding on type(s) of meeting and structure 3. promoting the group on a local level 4. responding to group specific enquiries 5. group finances if required

What support will I receive from Autistic Parents UK?

All APUK Group Facilitators will recieve a start-up pack detailing all of the essentials of the role. Each group will also be able to choose a book from our list to start their local resource library. Group Facilitators will join our volunteer Slack workspace and will have access to our volunteer peer support. We will have a dedicated channel for Group Facilitators to share ideas and support each other with building skill and dealing with any issues that arise from holding local group meets. Each group will have a mentor offering ongoing support and will have regular opportunities to join live online supervision sessions with other APUK Group Facilitators.

Will I recieve any training?

All Group Facilitators will receive in-house training on group facilitation and will have regular continued professional development (CPD) opportunities. We will be funding Group Facilitators and one co-facilitator to join The Inside of Autism Course with Kieran Rose The Autistic Advocate.

Are there any pre-requisites for applying?

As this is a peer support group we only ask that you are a parent and that you are Autistic yourself (self-identification is valid).