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Autistic People Can Be Parents

Some may think this is fairly obvious coming from this space but the lack of support and resources indicate how invisible we have been.

Our association is often mistaken for a support service for parents of Autistic children and we are often met with surprise when we clarify that Autistic Parents UK is for parents who are Autistic themselves and parents to children of all neurotypes.

A lot of existing support for Autistic people focuses on children, and adults in residential care. The main stream narrative infantalises Autism, which perpetuates misconceptions and leads to huge gaps in support.

Autistic adults can create a family in any of the beautiful, varied and glorious ways it is possible to do so. Parenting can present some specific challenges for Autistic parents (the reason we're here), but when we have good support and understanding it can also highlight many of our strengths.

Autistic children grow up. Autistic adults can become parents. We exist.

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