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Autistic Parents UK CIO was founded in 2020 by Autistic parents seeking connection and support,  born from a deep understanding of the unique challenges Autistic individuals face while navigating parenthood. We are the only national, Autistic-led charity offering essential support services, resources, education and a thriving community for Autistic parents.

Why Our Work Matters:

  • Supporting Parents: We foster connection, provide tailored resources, and promote self-advocacy skills, creating a foundation for Autistic parents to feel more empowered, confident and capable.

  • Stronger Families: When Autistic parents thrive with the right support, it creates positive outcomes for their children and improves overall family well-being.

  • Educating Professionals: We collaborate with various professionals, healthcare providers, local authorities and educators to ensure better understanding and support for Autistic parents and their families.

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Peer Support

We understand the positive impact of connection. That's why we offer multiple ways for Autistic parents to access support and understanding:

  • Facilitated Groups: Join regularly scheduled online sessions or smaller, intimate chat groups.

  • One-on-One Support: Connect with a trained Autistic peer supporter for a dedicated listening space and individualised support.

Find out more about our peer support services here.

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We offer a variety of events designed to provide Autistic parents and those that support  them with knowledge, community, and a space to explore their experiences and ways to support and improve wellbeing. Our events are always fully funded for Autistic parents in the UK.

  • Insightful Webinars: Explore topics relevant to Autistic parenting with knowledgeable guest speakers who share lived experience and professional insights.

Find further details on our events page and on our Eventbrite page.

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We provide tailored training resources to foster better understanding and support for Autistic people navigating parenthood:

  • Parent Education: Gain knowledge and build strategies to navigate challenges, support your children, understand your Autistic identity, and advocate for yourself and your family. Topics are specifically focused on the Autistic experience and parenthood.

  • Professional Training: We provide training to organisations like the NHS, equipping professionals with knowledge to deliver more effective support to Autistic families.

Contact us for further details on our training and education offerings.

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Our resource library is designed by and for Autistic parents, their families, and the professionals who support them.

Discover articles, videos, downloadable guides, and more – all focused on the unique experiences of Autistic parenthood.

  • Guides, Articles, and Handouts: Accessible information to support the cultivation of empowerment and inform.

  • Resources for Professionals and Supporters: Materials to foster greater understanding and support for Autistic families.


Explore our resources here.

Please contact us if you have any ideas or suggestions on resources that you would like to see.

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Everyone involved with APUK volunteers their time and Autistic parents themselves. If you would like to join our team please get in touch, there are no obligations or minimum requirements and there is no role too small. Learn more about us and our team here.

We're committed to continuously improving our support for Autistic parents. Being an Autistic-led charity gives us a deep understanding that fuels our work, allowing us to develop initiatives that make a tangible difference.


Explore our past projects and see how they inform the vital work we're doing today. Discover our current projects, the impact we hope to make and find out how you can get involved and play a part in shaping the future of support for Autistic parents.

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Our resource library is designed by and for Autistic parents, their families, and the professionals who support them. We're dedicated to providing a wealth of information and knowledge on a wide range of topics relevant to Autistic parenthood.


Explore our current resources, covering diverse formats like articles, videos, and downloadable guides. Share your ideas for future resources and subscribe for regular updates on new additions. Together, we're building a comprehensive resource hub that equips Autistic parents and their families with the knowledge and support they need to increase their well-being within parenthood.


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